Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Selly Yulistiawati "Penipu Cantik" sexy girl but criminal

This is a picture of Selly Yulitiawati
 Even she looks beautiful, sexy and hot but be careful! she is a criminal. Recently Selly Yulistiawati has a title "Penipu Cantik", beware of her beauty, a lot of people get loss their money because of Selly Yulistiawati attitude. Selly Yulistiawati is using her beautiful face and her sexy body to make a trap for her target. A lot of people believes that Selly Yulistiawati has ability to hypnotize other people to follow her command and believes all words that she said.
Beware of this girl, even Selly Yulistiawati is a sexy girl, hot girl, naughty girl, probably she could be a hot artist of the years makes some porn movies, hot movies, sexy movies, porn pictures, naked pictures or even if she naked on front of you, I suggest you to always be careful, do not follow what she said, do not trust her

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